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In the words of Silver With Emotions' lead designer himself…


My mother gave birth to four daughters and in her fifth pregnancy my father, out of frustration at not having a son, chose Sarah as my name. Then December 8th, 1947 I was born and clearly I was no Sarah. I was given the names Leon Daniel ; Leon in memory of my grandfather Leibish, and Daniel because my father wanted me to be like the Prophet Daniel of the Old Testament who was punished by being put in a pit of lions and emerged several days later completely unscathed ; wishing me to be as strong as a lion and yet able to live unharmed amongst them.


Jewellery creation is a very personal affair. When I look back on the influences which have inspired me, I find that the Silver With Emotion design philosophy is composed of many elements which originate from events and experiences from my past that  the story of my life.

After the completion of my formal education, I embarked on adventurous journeys around the world visiting the Far East, India, North and South America, Africa, Scandinavia and Europe. My travels awoke in me an excitement and appreciation of contrasting cultural expression. As I traveled, I was excited and delighted by the varied handicrafts produced in the different countries and the words of my father ringing in my ear..."bring back some samples!"...


At an early stage in the development of Silver With Emotion London, I realised that my creativity would be stifled if I owned the means of production since, not only would I be tied to maintaining a full workload for the machines and tools which I owned in order to recover the investment made in them, but I would also, as a result, be severely limited in the variety of products which could be offered.

I therefore formed, under our close control, unique and exclusive manufacturing partnerships with leading British silversmiths and hand- picked international resources. Silver With Emotion would not just be a client and the partner would not just be a supplier; not only would I supply designs and raw materials but also be involved in the manufacturing process at all stages. I would regularly attend the factories and both advise and physically assist in the setting up production lines, quality control measures and in some cases employ and supply specialist staff. I knew from my apprenticeship days in the  Mexican workshops , that I had to get 'my hands dirty' to ensure that my high standards and demanding design specifications could be met. 

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