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Traditionally when a baby is born they are given silver of some sort. This tradition comes from centuries ago when only royalty and the like could afford silver as it wasn't cheap in comparison and was preferred because of the various health benefits silver provides in terms of a materiel to eat with and drink from.

So let your baby or that new baby in your life live like the little prince or princess they are and give them some silver cutlery or mug today.

They may only be eating porridge and drinking milk but they deserve to do it in style don't you think!

Plus they look adorable while they are doing it too!! 

Toddler Tableware

Toddler Tableware

  • .925 Christening Cup With Teddy Bear Sterling Silver
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    .925 Christening Cup With Teddy Bear Sterling Silver

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    - English .925 Silver Jewellery & Accessories -

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