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Engravings and Personalisation

We offer a comprehensive engraving service including monograms, etching on glass or crystal, personal messages and company logos.

Engraving offers an element of personalisation and transforms your beautiful gift into being really unique. Where engraving is suitable for a product offered you will see a tick next to "Engraving Options Available".

”If you require assistance call our Customer Care team +44 (0) 208 900 0700 to discuss your needs. When requesting engraving, please allow an additional 4-5 working days for delivery.

Up to 25 characters (+£15.00)

Up to 60 characters (+£30.00)

Up to 100 characters (+£50.00)

Logo (Will be quoted on receipt of artwork)

For inspiration and examples of engravings please view our:

Showcasing Your Something Special Brochure (view brochure)

Engraving and Personalisation fonts available are:

The Customer Is King

If you have any further questions regarding anything at all you have seen or read OR if you have suggestions for improving our services or products, we are always very keen to hear from you – so please feel free Contact Us at anytime.

At Silver With Emotion the client is King or Queen ;) and the customer is always right, even when they're wrong :D…..but seriously with all joking aside, we at Silver With Emotion are 333% committed to having happy customers and it is this dedication which has held us in good stead for nearly half a century with many repeat clients of all generations.

We know you won’t come back to us if your not happy and you certainly wont tell your friends about us either. So you as the client have all the power and we are but your humble servant, jeweller and silversmith.

Silver With Emotion will always remain at your service before, during and after your purchase.

Finishing Touches!

Presentation matters… The first impression will enhance the anticipation and will guarantee appreciation...

Presentation is a key aspect and important finishing touch to any great gift, even if you buying it for yourself! Nothing beats the anticipation of seeing your prized item as the gift is unwrapped. With that being said we are very happy to provide a full Gift wrapping service and Aftercare advice and products. Please continue reading for more information.

Gift Wrapping

We are pleased to say, that as a standard all our items will be shipped in a presentation box with a brand certificate card.

As an additional complimentary service we will ship your purchases attractively packaged with branded paper, ribbon and shopping bag.

To complete the presentation of your gift we can ship your selected item directly to whoever it is intended complete with a gift card bearing the message of your choice.


With the passage of time sterling silver articles develop what is called a patina which is produced by oxidation of the metal. The beauty of sterling silver is that it can be considered as a living material which matures with age as the tactile patina develops. The patina is created by the natural property of silver to tarnish and get darker as a coating of oxidation covers the meta surface when exposed to light and moisture.

Tarnishing can be prevented by cleaning the article regularly with a silver polishing cloth made of soft material impregnated with chemicals.

If a silver product has been left for a long time and deep tarnishing has occurred then this can be removed by using either silver dip liquid or silver polish wadding.

Engraving Methods

In general, there are three techniques to engrave an item; Hand engraving, Machine Engraving and Laser Engraving. For the most part we apply a combination of both hand and machine engraving as this gives the best of both worlds; the traditional hand of the craftsmen guided with machine precision. For more information on the engraving process please continue reading.

Hand Engraving

Engraving by hand is an ancient art and until the twentieth century was the only form of personalising or producing a design on a metal surface. Hand engraving is time consuming and can only be carried out by skilled craftsmen.

Machine Engraving

The introduction of a manual engraving machine called a pantograph allowed anyone to be quickly trained and be able to engrave without years of training required to become a skilled hand engraver. With the advent of the computer more sophisticated machines became available culminating in Computer Numeric Control (CNC) engraving which uses graphic software to transform designs into engraving indentations. 

Laser Engraving

Computer technology updates the ancient art of engraving. Signatures, logos and serial numbers can be laser engraved by transferring scanned images and employing computer graphics. There are no limitations to the style of lettering available and the most intricate of designs or logos can be replicated.

Personalisation FAQ’s

If you are adding personalisation to your gift we understand that you are going that extra mile and understandably you want to make sure we get it right and not be kept up at night wondering if your gift Is going to arrive as you expected. With this being said below we have tried to answer some of the more frequently asked questions we have received regarding Personalisation so as to answer all you questions before you even ask!

How long does it take to add engraving to my order?

Normally a maximum of 72 hours. If urgent delivery is required we may be able to reduce this time.

I need my personalised order by next day delivery, is it possible?

Depending on the time of receipt of your order this may just be possible but under normal circumstances the fastest turnaround time would be 48 hours

I want to engrave a logo instead of words, is this possible?

This is normally possible, please send us your logo design or artwork if available and we will confirm or otherwise within 24 hours.

Is there a charge for producing artwork from an image of a logo?

There may be a nominal charge for this depending on the complexity of the logo submitted

Can you produce Monograms?

Yes, we are happy to design your monogram and forward it on to you for your approval before engraving.

What happens if I receive my personalised order and there is a mistake?

If you tick the box requesting a mock-up for your approval and we then make a mistake based on your approval then this would be our responsibility. If you tick the box stating that “no mock-up is required we rely on your skills” then any error would be your responsibility. It is normally not possible to remove an engraving once applied to a product.

Can you engrave emojis and different languages?

Normally we can engrave any emojis. We can engrave in most languages

If I’m ordering a quantity of engraved items for an event is there a discount available on the engraving charge?

Any discount would depend on the quantity of items being engraved we would quote you accordingly.

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